What We Do

Research, Innovate, Develop World-Class Products, Safeguard No-Compromise Quality, Educate

The Isagenix Center of Nutrition and Science (ICONS) is the hub of Isagenix that advances research and development in nutritional science, product innovation, quality, and education to improve lives across the globe. ICONS works tirelessly to further the quality, safety, and efficacy of all current and future Isagenix products. Our team of skilled scientists partner with respected experts, universities, and laboratories to contribute to every aspect that goes into bringing safe and transformative Isagenix products to your door. ICONS consists of a talented team of science professionals – including nutritionists and health experts, food scientists, chemists, microbiologists, and biologists.

How We Do It

Innovation, Research Collaboration, Regulation, Global Commitment

Who We Are

Meet the Minds Behind the Science


Isagenix has attracted the best and brightest professionals in the fields of nutrition, weight loss, and health and wellness to work in ICONS and serve on our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). They represent the leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to the Isagenix commitment to excellence – to guide people safely to optimal health and wellness.

The collective teams that make up ICONS work daily to uphold the commitment Isagenix has for creating the highest-quality products supported by science and advanced in terms of innovation and development.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB’s group of medical and health professionals lend their experience and expertise to help uphold the integrity and efficacy of our no-compromise products.