AMPED™ Hydrate

Whether it’s running a marathon or just Saturday errands, good hydration is for everyone — not just athletes. Which means the electrolytes and vitamins and minerals in every sip of AMPED™ Hydrate are made especially for you. Your turn to be a hydration hero.

  • Renew and replenish. Get back the nutrients and fluids lost during daily activity.
  • Quench more than just your thirst. Satisfy your body’s craving for essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Ready for anything and everyone — including kids ages 4 and up.
  • Hydration hero. 0 grams of sugar and 20 calories or fewer.
  • Everyday Champion
    Think of your day as the real-life Olympics. Sure, you’re a champion at beating morning traffic and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, but that also means you’re losing fluids and electrolytes throughout the day. Time to replenish and go for the gold.
    Hydrate Right
    There are plenty of choices when it comes to energy drinks. Option one: energy drinks loaded with both calories and sugar. Option two: advanced electrolytes in a superfruit blend with essential vitamins, 20 calories or fewer, and 0 grams of sugar. Some decisions really are easy.
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    Refreshing hydration for everyone in irresistible flavors. Time to make good hydration something that runs in the family.
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What’s Inside

Thirsty for attention? Not this drink. AMPED Hydrate is the real deal.

Superfruit Superstars
A refreshing blend of coconut water, mango, banana, and ginger root.
Refresh Essentials
Zinc, potassium, magnesium, and sodium along with antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin B complex.
Made With Natural Ingredients
No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.
Flavor Favorites
Lemon Lime, Orange, Blue Raspberry, or Coconut.
Frequently Asked

Your questions, answered

  • What is AMPED Hydrate?
  • How does AMPED Hydrate support optimal hydration for workouts?


4 Of 5 By 424 Users
June 15,2021

It is fantastic! I love the flavor! Even my husband likes it!

June 11,2021
Garrett Stabenow

I like the product as it does help with being able to consume the water intake necessary as I typically don't drink enough water. Overall I like the Blue Raspberry and Lemon Lime most, i've tried coconut and it was different, not horrible, but also not something I would consider my go to flavor

June 02,2021

I love the amped hydrate. I have to fight my kiddos for my drink when I make them,although to be honest I'd rather this than gatorade or alternatives. Recently my little one had a bad cold and this helped get him hydrated and something in his system. I truly love this drink.

May 28,2021
carolyn anastasio

I love the lime amped!
I drink so much more now.

May 26,2021

Love the flavor! Love that’s it’s full of electrolytes to help keep me hydrated

May 22,2021

I have the lemon lime and it taste good! I am not a plain water fan so this helps me. I am going to try the blue raspberry next!

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